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The PARK STATIONS for large rolls manufactured by Amatex Engineering have been projected and built to keep the fabric rolls in rotation after the impregnation, washing and/or cold dyeing processes have been carried out. The units prevent the impregnating substances from concentrating on the bottom, which would cause an unbalanced distribution of the same products on the fabric. The machine consists of a modular construction, obtained by placing side by side 5 to 15 working stations placed at a distance from each other that can be adjusted depending on the max. diameter of the fabric rolls being halted. The main machine frame consists of modular joints connected until the quantity of required stations has been reached; the balancers, which include the rolls rotation hydraulic motors are hooked and suspended to forks that are screwed to the joint. A hydraulic power unit controls the motors operation. These motors can be controlled by means of their relevant distribution valve fixed to the cross-pieces and fitted with two-position lever controls.

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