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Brushing machines
The BRUSHING MACHINE manufactured by Amatex Engineering has been projected and built to brush fabrics in rolls having a maximum height of 3400 mm., in particular on singeing systems. The brushing is carried out owing to two inner motorised rollers fitted with bristle brushes or beaters; depending to the machine model, between the two rolls either a fixed idle roller to guide and push the fabric is placed against the brushes, or a guiding device that can be adjusted from outside by means of a hand-wheel in order to bring near or to move away the fabric from brushes and beaters.

Access to the inside of the machine, either for periodical checks or for the frequent cleaning operations, is given through the service doors. Each door is interlocked by an interlocked safety push-button. On the opposite side two other doors are installed that are necessary for possible replacement interventions of inner brushing rolls. 
The fabric can be inserted into the machine either from above or from below. The machine is thoroughly closed to protect the dangerous areas inside the machine and to allow the dust waste due to the brushing to be gathered in an internal manifold and intaken by the suction unit placed on the machine body. Upon request the machine can be fitted with a dust filtering and/or damping and with an electric control panel.

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