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The FOULARD manufactured by Amatex Engineering has been projected and built to carry out squeezing processes of fabrics in rolls. The technical file shows different manufacturing solutions enabling to treat specifically woven and knitted fabrics with or without impregnation. The width of the table, the presence of an impregnation tank, of a synchronism compensator and the disposition of the widening rollers are according to the buyer's own requirements.

Foulard with impregnation chamber
and synchronism compensator

Squeezing cylinders: 2 cylinders having a diameter of 300 or 350 covered with high-efficiency rubber and supported by a frame bolted to the machine stand; the upper cylinder is pulled by a gear-motor, whereas the lower one is idle and fitted with lateral guiding rails so that it can be lowered during the passing operations and/or machine stoppage. On the contact ring of the cylinders as well as on the fabric inlet side an adjustable guard is foreseen to protect the operator's hands from possible injuries.
Pneumatic thrust cylinders:
2 double-acting cylinders placed inside the shoulders of the machine support stand; actuating the control push-buttons placed on the push-button panel delivered with the machine operates the vertical movement of the lower squeezing cylinder.


- Impregnation unit with inlet and contact winder;
- Impregnation unit for fabric with contact winder;
Soda impregnation unit for mercerising machine.

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