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The DRIER manufactured by Amatex Engineering has been projected and built to carry out drying processes of fabrics in open width by using rollers heated with steam. The width of the table, the quantity and the disposition of drying cylinders and synchronism compensators as well as the steam feeding unit have been manufactured according to the buyer's and/or the final user's requirements.
The drying cylinders 800 are placed one above another on 1 or 2 columns depending on the space that is available; they are coated with teflon ad heated by steam at 5 bar. These cylinders are also tested in compliance with I.S.P.E.S.L. technical regulations in force in Italy. The drive gear-motors, including the chain drive, are lodged in thoroughly closed boxes; on the opposite shoulder the steam feeling system to the cylinders is installed, protected by panels and possibly fitted with a lock with key. The primary drive is fitted with chains, whereas the other cylinders are driven by belts. Depending on to the machine configuration, further interlocked fixed and mobile guards to protect all access areas of mobile elements can be installed.

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