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Contact winder
It has been projected and built to carry out the rolling of fabric in rolls having a height ranging between 2000 and 4200 mm. The main winder consists of two mobile arms fixed to two bent plate shoulders and fitted on its base with clamps suitable to the anchoring to the floor; the arms are moved by two pneumatic cylinders which can lift them up to the roll allowed maximum dimension (1800 mm.).
In front of the rolling cylinder, close to the contact area with the roll, an articulated plate protecting the operator's hands, disposed on all its length and on the surface of which a rubber frame is applied, which is fitted with a device sensitive to pressure; the smallest pressure of the same determines the immediate shutdown of the machine and at the same time the lifting of the contact winder.
Upon request the machine can be fitted with an electric box which includes all controls regulating the speed as well as the standard and emergency machine shutdown.
Furthermore, the technical file shows some "Stand-alone" configurations together with other elements built by Amatex Engineering, such as for example the entry unit for folded fabric, and, upon request, a selvage guide and pneumatic fabric piece damper.It is also possible to ask for special configurations, such as a double contact winder, where small intervention time for the roll changing is needed.

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